Noara Math badly affected by devastated cyclone Amphan

Ramakrishna Math, Naora has been badly affected by devastated cyclone Amphan
1. A big boundary wall (110ftX10ft) has already fallen two weeks back.
2. Several number of rare Big trees along with other trees were uprooted and fallen on boundary wall and other places of Ashrama and causes of heavy damaged of boundary walls which were left.
3. Most of the medical building, Computer Centre Building, Office Building and Big Community Hall were covered with iron structure with corrugated tin roof top from the beginning. Now all the roop top have been blown away by the Amphan.
4. We have got 12 coaching centre of the different villages for the first generation learners of poor and downtrodden children. Most of the coaching centre roop top made of Adbester and corrugated tin has fallen including the some portion of wall of class room has been damaged due to Cyclon.
5. Now no electricity, poor net connection and phone in our ashram.
6. People in our area are also great distress. Covid 19, lockdown, no earning for daily labour above all Amphan made them homeless. We have started relief work.
Please pray for us to Holy Mother to overcome the present situation.
We are keeping well by the grace of Holy Mother

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